News & Updates

  • Reliable and service-free buffer module for 24-volt systems

    The new capacitor buffer module UF40.241 is a supplementary device which can bridge voltage dip or loss for regulated DC 24V power supplies. The already successful 20A module is now also available for 40A applications. The UF40.241 can seamlessly bridge failures of the DC voltage supply system and can also extend the hold- up time […]

  • Turck Expands Industrial Ethernet Cable Offering with C1D2 Cables

    Turck is pleased to announce the addition of three new Industrial Ethernet cables, suitable for use in Class I Division 2 appli- cations. The cable specs are 22 AWG stranded Ethernet, with an ITC rating. When used with M12 connectors, the cordsets are covered by Turck’s FM approval (reference documents NI-2.401 for FM, and NI-2.403 […]

  • Turck Announces New M08 Proximity Sensor Lineup Featuring Extended Sensing Ranges

    Turck announces its new range of 8 mm barrel inductive proximity sensors. The technology of the ferrite core sensors has evolved, increasing the sensing range by up to 50 percent. As a result, flush mounted solutions can now be offered with an extended sensing range of 3 mm as well as with the conventional sensing range […]

  • TURCK Announces Ultra-Compact Multiprotocol I/O Modules

    TURCK presents the first ultra-compact, digital block-I/O modules of the new TBEN-S (Small) series. The fully potted IP67 modules are only 1.25” x 5.6” and allow assembly directly on the machine. With their extended temperature range from -40 °C to +70 °C degrees, the devices are highly versatile. Even with the new compact design every […]

  • TURCK Introduces High Pressure Sensors for Cylinder Applications

    PLYMOUTH, Minn. (March 2, 2015) – In response to a growing need for sensors that can withstand high pressure applications, TURCK is introducing an extension to their CRS series with a new offering of high pressure inductive sensors. This extension offers customers an enhanced offering for applications regarding cylinders with a operating pressure rating of […]

  • Efficient redundancy through MOSFET technology

    The new and extremely space-saving DIN rail MOSFET redundancy modules from PULS are now available for N+1 and 1+1 redundant systems. Available output voltages include: 12–18V for 2x20A and 2x40A redundancy and 24-56V for 2x20A redundancy. A unique feature of the YR40.245 module adds a Hot-Swappable connector which enables the power supply or redundancy module […]

  • 1kW Lightweight Supply on the DIN-rail

    The new 1 kW single phase, wide input voltage range power supply from PULS has a housing width of only 125 mm and weighs just 1.9kg. These units which are over 50% lighter and more than 40% smaller than comparable power supplies in this power class are designed with the uncompromising approach typical of PULS’ […]

  • Record-Breaking 24V/10A Power Supply: 95% Efficiency, Only 39mm Wide

    When it comes to both efficiency and size, the new 24V/10A DIN-Rail power supply called CPS10 is setting new records. In its field it is raising the bar ever higher using latest power supply technology and sophisticated thermal design. This is the first time ever that a DIN-Rail power supply in this power level, single-phase […]

  • TURCK’s New Passive Junction Boxes Simplify Device Integration

    PLYMOUTH, Minn. (November 5th, 2014) – TURCK’s new passive junction boxes with stainless steel ports help plants integrate multiple devices into a single unit, and consolidate the number of cables on the plant floor. The newly designed stainless steel M12 port connections allow the junction boxes to be used in harsh environments. TURCK’s passive junction […]

  • TURCK Adds Programmability to Compact Temperature Transmitters

    PLYMOUTH, Minn. (Dec. 11, 2014) – To broaden the functionality of its temperature transmitters, TURCK expanded its TTM sensor line to include dynamic programmability and special features via IO-Link. These fully programmable sensors allow a user to program the temperature range required, rather than be constrained to specific ranges, allowing users more specific temperature control. […]


Traditional Service And New Ideas



Service First

Combining the best of the old and the new in a manufacturer’s representative firm that is committed to traditional service and new ideas.

The Russell F Clark Co is in business to facilitate the trade between our customers and our principals. All of our efforts and services are dedicated to meet this end.

Our company’s growth and success has paralleled new developments in the connectivity, electrical, electronic, and instrumentation markets, but the companies service first policy has never changed. The Russell F. Clark Representatives employ a team marketing approach that provides their principals and customers with the latest and most accurate market and product information for the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia region. The traditional formula of service and innovation continues for the present as the Energy, Transportation, Electric Utility, and Manufacturing industries thrive in the Pittsburgh area.


  • Gary Crissman
    Gary Crissman

    President and Outside Sales

    Gary is a native of Pittsburgh and a graduate of Muskingum College in Marketing & Communications. He joined the company in 1976 as an apprentice salesman and in 1990 became CEO. In addition to setting the direction for the company he loves to help customers find new ways to use our products.

  • Linda Cane
    Linda Cane

    Vice President and Outside Sales

    Linda joined Russell F. Clark Co. in 2000 as a part time Administrative Assistant, over the years she has gained knowledge and experience through hard work and dedication. Today she handles multiple roles of administration, management, and outside sales.


We take our name from our founder, Russell F Clark, a native of DuBois, Pennsylvania, who began his career in the burgeoning electrical industry after graduating as an electrical engineer from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1916. Mr. Clark became a manufacturer’s representative in 1919 after working as an engineer for the Duquesne Light Company.


The firm’s first two customers were Mine Safety Appliances and Duquesne Light Co. They remain major accounts for the company today, along with many other industrial leaders. As his firm grew, Mr. Clark developed a policy of close communication between manufacturers and customers that assures prompt supply of the finest quality and newest design products for each application. He used his initials as the company name and logo. RFC, he was proud to say, stands for reliable forthright & courteous.

Mr. Clark’s founding principles continue to guide the company. Always a close-knit, family-style operation, the Russell F Clark Company today is headed by Gary Crissman, President. Mr. Crissman continues the company’s dedication to qualities on which the firm is based. Though mindful of the company’s heritage, Mr. Crissman insists that the Russell F Clark Company takes a leading position in service and innovation for old and new customers and principals alike.