News & Updates

  • Belden Distributed Control Units – Webinar

    Distributed Control Units – WEBINAR! Learn about the latest advancements in on-machine connectivity and better understand how distributed controllers can improve performance of a system. In this webinar you will see the benefits of • Sealed on-machine connectivity • Distributed control for industrial control systems • On-machine connectivity for cost reduction.   WEBINAR LINK: On-Machine […]

  • “NEW” Trapped Key Exchange System

    SKORPION Trapped Key Exchange System ALL-in-ONE Stainless Steel 316 Trapped Single Key Solenoid Release with Rear Release, Request Button and Emergency Stop Button IDEM’s SKORPION Trapped Key Exchange System is growing and over the next few mailshots new products will be unveiled that willl be available soon. This mailshot features the stunning ALL-in-ONE SS-TS-SR-RR. The SS-TS-SS-RR […]

  • Configurable Solenoid Locking Interlock Safety Switch featuring RFID Interlocking

    Providing end user configuration for machine control with push buttons, lights, e-stops,etc. the KLM-Z-4ST launching in April has been designed to incorporate high anti-tamper unique RFID coding and provide PLe safety levels to ISO13849-1. The KLM-Z-4ST saves wiring and extra expense by incorporating options of start/stop buttons, E-Stops, Run buttons all in one housing instead […]

  • Bonded-Pair Technology, Now in a 4-Pair Cordset

    Lumberg Automation’s new shielded, bonded-pair, TPE-jacketed cordsets are a compact and cost-effective way to provide customers with a 600V-rated, 4-pair industrial Ethernet solution. Best performance in high-noise environments Meets 600V AWM requirements Currently available in Americas  Maintain Signal Transmission in High-Noise Environments  Upgraded Shielded Industrial Ethernet Cordsets from Lumberg Automation   Achieve better performance in harsh […]

  • We proudly announce the addition of Belden Automation Products

    Industrial Connectivity Solutions from Belden Founded in 1902, Belden’s long-term proven solutions are in reliable operation worldwide. Our two leading brands – Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation – combine proven experience with innovation. And a focus on customer needs has made us the global leader inhigh-quality, end-to-end signal transmissions. Developed with ease of use in mind, […]

  • We proudly announce the addition of IDEM Safety Products

    Mechanical Interlock. THE COMPLETE SAFETY INTERLOCK ANSWER. IDEM offer a diverse range of products covering all aspects of the human-machine interface. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK to the latest international standards in a purpose-built facility based in the North-West of England. From non-contact safety switches through to some of […]


Traditional Service And New Ideas



Service First

Electrical Control Products of Pittsburgh: Combining the best of the old and the new in a manufacturer’s representative firm that is committed to traditional service and new ideas.

The Russell F Clark Co is in business to facilitate the trade between our customers and our principals. All of our efforts and services are dedicated to meet this end.

Our company’s growth and success has paralleled new developments in the connectivity, electrical, electronic, and instrumentation markets, but the companies service first policy has never changed. The Russell F. Clark Representatives employ a team marketing approach that provides their principals and customers with the latest and most accurate market and product information for the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia region. The traditional formula of service and innovation continues for the present as the Energy, Transportation, Electric Utility, and Manufacturing industries thrive in the Pittsburgh area.


Find High-Quality Automation Products in Pittsburgh, PA


Enjoy more convenient end-user configuration and more reliable output from your electrical equipment when you improve your production with our automation products in Pittsburgh, PA. At our firm, we strive to provide our clients with long-term, proven solutions that lead to more reliable operations on a worldwide scale. Developed with ease of use in mind, our electrical and industrial connectivity solutions are designed to stand up strong to traditional wear and tear and keep going. No matter what your performance needs, you are sure to find a suitable addition to your systems when you browse our extensive selection of electrical control products.


As a manufacturer’s representative, we consider it our duty to provide our clients with modern, cost-effective equipment and tools that will serve them well in a wide variety of electrical applications. When you turn to us for your electrical equipment and supply needs, you can rest assured that our dedicated team members will always be courteous, forthright, and reliable. Make us your dedicated source for your every connectivity, electrical, and instrumentation need, and we’ll see to it that you receive the high-performance solutions you need to continue to serve your respective industry.


Proudly Serving Clients in Various Industries


From gas and oil to wind and solar applications, we proudly provide clients in a multitude of energy production, logistical, and manufacturing industries with the automation products they need to improve their operations. Part of our company policy, we strive to maintain close communication between manufacturers and our clients to ensure we’re capable of promptly supplying the newest, finest quality products for every commercial and industrial application.


Whether you’re looking to transfer more power, data, or signals, or a combination of all three, our diversified range of high-performance products are sure to serve you well. No matter what you need, you can always count on our team to expedite your orders, provide accurate quotations, and answer any questions or inquiries you may have about our electrical control products. Trust us to help you get one step closer to a higher level of accuracy and efficiency.


Contact our company for more information about the list of manufacturers we work with. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we proudly serve clients in Western Pennsylvania and Western Virginia regions.


  • Gary Crissman
    Gary Crissman

    President and Outside Sales

    Gary is a native of Pittsburgh and a graduate of Muskingum College in Marketing & Communications. He joined the company in 1976 as an apprentice salesman and in 1990 became CEO. In addition to setting the direction for the company he loves to help customers find new ways to use our products.


  •  Ryan Pillar

    Outside Sales Engineer

    Ryan, a technology guru, is an accomplished expert in Factory Automation and Industrial Safety with over 15 years of Technical and Industrial sales. A Pittsburgh native, he now lives in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with his wife and teenage son after spending nearly a decade in Columbus Ohio working in technical sales.



  • Jane Sipko

    Inside Sales Assistant

       Jane is responsible for order entry, expediting, providing quotations, and assisting customers with their questions and inquiries. Janes focus is to maintain a strong sense of accuracy and efficiency to enable a timely and seamless progression of all communication between Russell F. Clark and all principals and customers.



We take our name from our founder, Russell F Clark, a native of DuBois, Pennsylvania, who began his career in the burgeoning electrical industry after graduating as an electrical engineer from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1916. Mr. Clark became a manufacturer’s representative in 1919 after working as an engineer for the Duquesne Light Company.


The firm’s first two customers were Mine Safety Appliances and Duquesne Light Co. They remain major accounts for the company today, along with many other industrial leaders. As his firm grew, Mr. Clark developed a policy of close communication between manufacturers and customers that assures prompt supply of the finest quality and newest design products for each application. He used his initials as the company name and logo. RFC, he was proud to say, stands for reliable forthright & courteous.

Mr. Clark’s founding principles continue to guide the company. Always a close-knit, family-style operation, the Russell F Clark Company today is headed by Gary Crissman, President. Mr. Crissman continues the company’s dedication to qualities on which the firm is based. Though mindful of the company’s heritage, Mr. Crissman insists that the Russell F Clark Company takes a leading position in service and innovation for old and new customers and principals alike.