Reliable and service-free buffer module for 24-volt systems

The new capacitor buffer module UF40.241 is a supplementary device which can bridge voltage dip or loss for regulated DC 24V power supplies.

The already successful 20A module is now also available for 40A applications.

The UF40.241 can seamlessly bridge failures of the DC voltage supply system and can also extend the hold- up time after loss of the AC mains voltage. Depending on the output current the minimum hold-up time can be 160ms at 40A and goes up to several seconds at lower loads.

Especially in regions with poor mains quality, the buffer module can help to uphold the supply voltage so process data can be saved and processes can be completed in a controlled manner. The buffer module is also suitable for applications where a short-term peak current is required that exceeds the current rating of the power supply unit.

The UF40.241 can easily be added parallel to the load circuit at any given point and works autonomously in the background. The life span of the buffer modules is adapted from the life span of the power supplies. It utilizes service-free electrolytic capacitors – a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to lead acid batteries – for storing the energy which allows usage even at ambient temperatures from -25°C up to +70°C. Furthermore, buffer modules can be connected in parallel to increase the output ampacity or the hold-up time.