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5 megapixels and integrated lens

Last spring we presented a new addition to our established vision sensor family: The new 5 megapixel VISOR® V50 offers an image resolution that is three times greater than that of standard vision sensors.

We have continuously developed the V50 vision cameras, now we are launching VISOR® V50 with integrated lens and lighting, making it unique on the market.

These new vision sensors achieve an image quality that was previously only available with expensive, complex vision systems.

The combination of high resolution, integrated lens and motorised focus is unique in this performance class and expands the application possibilities of our user-friendly vision sensors many times over.

See for yourself!

Standard Resolution

Contours remain partially blurred.
Through additionally captured color information, further features can be recognised and distinguished.

5 Megapixels

Recognition of even small details becomes possible.
The highest evaluation accuracy is achieved combining high resolution and color.


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