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  • Safety Tool Box: Who Has the Right-of-Way?

    According to driving statistics in the USA last year, there were nearly 4,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents that involved a driver failing to yield the right-of-way. And while many of those accidents were due to driver distraction, (which means one or both drivers weren’t even aware of a pending right-of-way situation), many right-of-way accidents also […]

  • APG: Are Magnetostrictive Probes the Solution You’ve Been Looking For?

    Often times when our customers see magnetostrictive level transmitters, they immediately think of the oil and gas industry. While APG’s magnetostrictive probes are highly used throughout the oil and gas industry, they are utilized throughout several industries including chemical, petrochemical, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical and transportation to name a few. Magnetostrictive probes are typically selected […]

  • How to Use APG Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters in the Real World!

    Join APG’s magnetostrictive level transmitter webinar Wednesday, August 12th at 9 am MT! Join us for a free webinar event Wednesday, August 12th at 9:00 am MT where Bryan Ritchey, Senior Business Development Manager of APG, and Karl Reid, Oil and Gas Manager of APG, will be discussing how magnetostrictive level transmitters are used in […]


    That’s right! APG’s products are proudly produced in the USA at the company’s facility in Logan, UT. With very few exceptions, APG’s products are manufactured from start to finish in this facility. The following is a list of sensors that are manufactured from start to finish at the facility in Logan: Ultrasonic Level Sensors Magnetostrictive […]

  • Sensopart: We are very excited to announce the release of our new ALL-PURPOSE LASER DISTANCE SENSOR – FT 55-RLHM!

    Highlights of the RLHM Long Range detection – robust detection even at ranges of 1 meter Able to detect the smallest objects – can detect objects as small as .1 mm! Multiple modes of detection to solve challenging applications Detect clear targets with our new “Detect All” Mode Intuitive LCD display Robust IP-69K metal housing Exceptional price-to-performance ratio And […]

  • Tek-sub 4800 Series Submersible Level Transmitters Applications

    Tek-Sub 4800 Series of Transmitters are designed for high performance and precise level measurements. Piezoresistive sensor, stainless steel body, and waterproof cabling make these Submersible Level Transmitters suitable for long term accurate service. This high-performance real-time level measurement device is available with multiple output signal options, several level ranges, custom cable lengths, and materials. Water and […]

  • Tek-Trol: Oil and Gas Separators!

    Separators reside on onshore well pads and offshore platforms and can be horizontal, vertical, or a sphere. They’re used in upstream oil and gas applications for periodic well testing (as a test separator) or continuous production measurement (as a production separator), and can function in either two-phase or three-phase. The separator has one goal: separate […]

  • Tek-Trol: Pulp and Paper Production!

    Tek-Trol 1400A Electromagnetic Flow Meters used to measure starch water at a Paper Plant in upstate New York. In paper production, it is crucial to measure various additives to ensure product quality. In a Paper Mill, liquid additives: such as powdered products diluted in water, dyes, bleaches, and liquids with low conductivity and / or high […]

  • Sensopart: Vision sensor replaces PLC

    A comprehensive software update is making VISOR® vision sensors from SensoPart even smarter and more versatile: As of now, multiple detection results can be compared, processed and analysed directly in the sensor. Communication with the parent control system is therefore considerably facilitated, and the control system can even be omitted at times.

  • APG Introduces New Series PT-405 Explosion Proof, Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer

    LOGAN, UT – Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) introduces the new Series PT-405 Explosion Proof, Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer. The PT-405 offers unbeatable performance in harsh conditions and hazardous locations. The PT-405 carries a Class I, Division 1, Explosion Proof rating from CSA, an IP65 rated case, and single seal construction for the highest safety factor. […]

  • Tek-Trol takes part in CSHM, Calgary

    Tek-Trol took part in CSHM tradeshow held at Calgary on 21 & 22nd of March 2017 CSHM (Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement) organizes a table-top tradeshow every year that invites experts in the field of measurement to give sessions about new and existing technologies and regulatory requirements. This year Tek-Trol also took part in this […]


Traditional Service And New Ideas



Service First

Electrical Control Products for Industry in Pennsylvania, Maryland  and West Virginia

The Russell F Clark Co is in business to facilitate the trade between our customers and our principals. All of our efforts and services are dedicated to meet this end.

Our company’s growth and success has paralleled new developments in the connectivity, electrical, electronic, and instrumentation markets, but the company’s service-first policy has never changed. The Russell F Clark Representatives employ a team marketing approach that provides their principals and customers with the latest and most accurate market and product information for the Pennsylvania and West Virginia region. The traditional formula of service and innovation continues for the present as the Energy, Transportation, Electric Utility, and Manufacturing industries thrive in the Pittsburgh area.

Find High-Quality Automation Products in Pittsburgh, PA

Enjoy more convenient end-user configuration and more reliable output from your electrical equipment when you improve your production with our automation products in Pittsburgh, PA. At our firm, we strive to provide our clients with long-term, proven solutions that lead to more reliable operations on a worldwide scale. Developed with ease of use in mind, our electrical and industrial connectivity solutions are designed to stand up to traditional wear and tear and keep going. No matter what your performance needs, you are sure to find a suitable addition to your systems when you browse our extensive selection of electrical control products.

As a manufacturer’s representative, we consider it our duty to provide our clients with modern, cost-effective equipment and tools that will serve them well in a wide variety of electrical applications. When you turn to us for your electrical equipment and supply needs, you can rest assured that our dedicated team members will always be courteous, forthright, and reliable. Make us your dedicated source for your every connectivity, electrical, and instrumentation need, and we’ll see to it that you receive the high-performance solutions you need to continue to serve your respective industry.

Proudly Serving Clients in Various Industries

From gas and oil to wind and solar applications, we proudly provide clients in a range of energy production, logistical, and manufacturing industries with the automation products they need to improve their operations. As part of our company policy, we strive to maintain close communication between manufacturers and our clients to ensure we’re capable of promptly supplying the newest, finest quality products for every commercial and industrial application.

Whether you’re looking to transfer more power, data, or signals, or a combination of all three, our diversified range of high-performance products are sure to serve you well. No matter what you need, you can always count on our team to expedite your orders, provide accurate quotations, and answer any questions or inquiries you may have about our electrical control products. Trust us to help you get one step closer to a higher level of accuracy and efficiency.

Contact our company for more information about the list of manufacturers we work with. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we proudly serve clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia regions.

Full Variety of Electrical Control Products in Pittsburgh, PA

When you need to keep your company running efficiently and profitably, count on our full array of electrical control products in Pittsburgh, PA. We carry a full variety of products by trusted manufacturers including:

  • Industrial Connectivity Solutions by Belden: Belden’s leading automation brands, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation, allow you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations through the use of various automation products. When you rely on automation rely on Belden… Sending all the Right Signals.
  • Emphatec: We offer standard off-the-shelf products such as analog signal conditioners, relays and power supplies. We also provide our customers with custom or application specific products. Our emphasis is on solutions to your interfacing and automation needs.
  • Power Switches and Relays by ElectroSwitch Corp.: Switches, Relays, and Meters Designed & Manufactured for Protection, Monitoring, and Control of Electric Power Systems. “Never a Doubt”.
  • Switch-Safe: Magnetic Mount or full Lock Out Tag Out protective covers for Power and Control switches.
  • IDEM Safety Products:  Protect your workers as well as your bottom line with IDEM safety products including key exchange systems, configurable solenoid interlock safety switches, and more.
  • Concentric Devices LLC.: Concentric Devices is the manufacturer of the next generation of value-added electrical terminal blocks. We utilize our “iQ Technology” to provide a completely integrated connectivity solution for electrical control applications.
  • SensoPart: “We gauge ourselves not by what is possible today, but by our vision of what can be achieved” An innovative supplier of opto-electronic, inductive, capacitive, ultra-sonic, and image-processing vision sensors for factory automation.
  • Pro-Tech Computers: Established in 1980, Protech Systems Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial PCs, automation products and embedded computers for companies around the world.
  • APG: Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) is a supplier of innovative and differentiated products, solutions, and services for industrial process measurement and control. Technologies include pressure, flow, level control, analytics, and dedicated flexible control, using state of the art methodologies.
  • Nidec-Avtron: Nidec Avtron Automation brings systems and product expertise to the industrial automation market. At Nidec-Avtron, we manufacture AC, DC and SR drive systems, a complete encoder product line from light mill duty to severe duty applications, including ATEX approved encoders for hazardous environments, and diagnostic and productivity software.
  • Bihl + Wiedemann: The highly specialized engineering firm is among the leading providers of safety technology and electronic components for automation technology using AS-Interface.
  • Contact our company for more information about the list of manufacturers we work with, and our integrated services such as: Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Integration, Set-Up, and Installation. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we have proudly served clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia for over 100 years.


We take our name from our founder, Russell F Clark, a native of DuBois, Pennsylvania, who began his career in the burgeoning electrical industry after graduating as an electrical engineer from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1916. Mr. Clark became a manufacturer’s representative in 1919 after working as an engineer for the Duquesne Light Company.


The firm’s first two customers were Mine Safety Appliances and Duquesne Light Co. They remain major accounts for the company today, along with many other industrial leaders. As his firm grew, Mr. Clark developed a policy of close communication between manufacturers and customers that assures prompt supply of the finest quality and newest design products for each application. He used his initials as the company name and logo. RFC, he was proud to say, stands for reliable, forthright & courteous.

Mr. Clark’s founding principles continue to guide the company. Always a close-knit, family-style operation, the Russell F Clark Company today is headed by Gary Crissman, President. Mr. Crissman continues the company’s dedication to the values on which the firm is based. Though mindful of the company’s heritage, Mr. Crissman insists that the Russell F Clark Company takes a leading position in service and innovation for old and new customers and principals alike.

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