Intrinsically Safe Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters


The MPI Series Intrinsically Safe Magnetostrictive Level sensor provides highly accurate and repeatable level readings in a wide variety of liquid level measurement applications. The sensor is ideal for taking two measurements: both the interface level measurement and a total volume.
The MPI series consists of five different models. The MPI-R’s large, buoyant, and robust float allows for use in harsh applications where fouling or buildup might otherwise be of concern. The MPI-E’s lighter weight design allows it to be used in applications where space is limited. The MPI-E Chemical has a chemical resistant coating, allowing for use in corrosive, acidic, or marine environments. The MPI-F’s flexible stainless steel stem allows for installation in tall tanks without needing a crane, and the MPI-T’s 1” titanium stem provides compatibility in a wider range of corrosive media–including H2S–in larger tanks. Find more information on each model here.


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