API 18.2 Custody Transfer Level Probe


Designed to meet the exacting standards for crude oil storage and transfer from lease tanks, MPX Series API 18.2 probes are built on robust 1”-diameter stems of either 316L stainless steel (MPX-R API 18.2) or Titanium 2 (MPX-T API 18.2), and use floats made to resist the buildup and fouling that come with operating in crude oil, all so you can trust the ±1 mm accuracy of the probe output. MPX Series API 18.2 probes also provide the averaged reading of submerged digital temperature sensors, each with ±0.25° C accuracy, so your system doesn’t have to do the math. With the MPX Series API 18.2, all interested parties get an accurate reading of the level and temperature of the crude oil in a lease storage tank. Find more information on these sensors here.


Discover the MPX API 18.2