Bonded-Pair Technology, Now in a 4-Pair Cordset

Lumberg Automation’s new shielded, bonded-pair, TPE-jacketed cordsets are a compact and cost-effective way to provide customers with a 600V-rated, 4-pair industrial Ethernet solution.

  • Best performance in high-noise environments
  • Meets 600V AWM requirements
  • Currently available in Americas

 Maintain Signal Transmission in High-Noise Environments 

Upgraded Shielded Industrial Ethernet Cordsets from Lumberg Automation 

 Achieve better performance in harsh environments – at a competitive price – with shielded, 4-pair industrial Ethernet cordsets. 

Proven Design – prevent noise from hurting signal transfer speeds with extra immunity in high EMI and RFI locations from Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair technology 
Elevated Performance – upgrade to robust, highly-flexible, sunlight, and oil resistant TPE jacketing, which holds up far better to flexing and abrasion than PVC-jacketed cordsets 
Enhanced Integration and Safety – meet the requirements of high-powered machinery in code-regulated environments with 600V AWM-rated cordsets