Electrical Control Products

Configurable Solenoid Locking Interlock Safety Switch featuring RFID Interlocking

Providing end user configuration for machine control with push buttons, lights, e-stops,etc. the KLM-Z-4ST launching in April has been designed to incorporate high anti-tamper unique RFID coding and provide PLe safety levels to ISO13849-1.
The KLM-Z-4ST saves wiring and extra expense by incorporating options of start/stop buttons, E-Stops, Run buttons all in one housing instead of using separate components.
The KLM-Z-4ST’s RFID sensing is complemented by a traditional cam locking system which has been developed with a Holding Force of up to 3000N to keep guard doors closed until hazards have been removed.
The unique rotating head on the KLM-Z-4ST provides end users with 8 actuator entry positions with both Front and End actuation availalble.
A staggering 32 million RFID codes are available – making each switch unique – providing high coding to ISO14119.
The high specification die cast metal body with stainless steel head uses Idem’s specially developed double seal lid gasket to maintain the IP67 enclosure protection.
With a slim profile they have been designed to fit on 50mm (2in) frame sections or to applications where space is restricted.
Like othe other switches in the KLZ range the KLM-Z-4ST is offered with a choice of standard or flexible actuators for guard doors where there is slight door misalignment.
M12 Quick connect version available.