“NEW” Trapped Key Exchange System

SKORPION Trapped Key Exchange System
ALL-in-ONE Stainless Steel 316
Trapped Single Key Solenoid Release with
Rear Release, Request Button and
Emergency Stop Button
IDEM’s SKORPION Trapped Key Exchange System is growing and over the next few mailshots new products will be unveiled that willl be available soon.
This mailshot features the stunning ALL-in-ONE SS-TS-SR-RR.
The SS-TS-SS-RR is shown above fitted with a Gate Bolt that can be used to secure large guard doors from attempts to access hazardous areas.
When the Actuator Tongue is inserted into the switch (guard closed) the key can be rotated and therefore trapped and the main safety contacts are closed – enabling the machine to run.
The Actuator Tongue can then only be released when the internal solenoid in the switch is energised. This then enables to the key to be turned and released, the safety contacts open and the Actuator Tongue can be removed. The key can then be used on other parts of the system to release devices in the Trapped Key System.
Another great feature is that it can be used with safety delay timers to allow a “run-down” time prior to the solenoid being energised prior to releasing the key and Actuator Tongue.
Shown above in the image with the Rear Release – this provides a manual means of escape from within the guarded area. The Red Button and the Red Key Release Handle can be used to release the lock and the key simultaneously from within the guarded area in the event of an emergency. Both buttons protrude through the guard frame to enable access to the switch from inside.
For more information on the Skorpion Trapped Key Exchange System click here.


          A trapped key guarding system is reliant upon the transfer of coded keys between a power isolation switch (or control switch) and a locking mechanism which is fixed on a guard or guard door. (See example below.)
The primary and essential feature of the system being that the removable key is trapped either in the key exchange, guard lock, or in the power isolation switch.
The interlock on the guard is designed so that the trapped key can only be released when the guard has been closed and locked – preventing the key from being returned to the isolator (or control switch).
Once the guard is closed and locked only then can the key be transferred from the guard back to the isolator (or control switch).
Turning the key to the “ON” position on the isolator switch traps the key preventing the key’s removal while the isolator switch is in the ‘ON’ position.
  • No reduction of integrity due to the distance between movable guard and control system.
  • High mechanical integrity, robust fixings and holdings suitable for all types of guards.
  • Eliminates the need for electrical wiring to each movable guard.
  • Available in Stainless Steel 316 – suitable for harsh or hostile conditions.
  • Also available in mirror finished Die Cast metal.
  • Stainless Steel suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning processes.
  • All keys coded in the factory and virtually impossible to override.
  • Keys are colour coded and easily identifiable.
  • Prevents shortcuts by using a logical set of procedures.
System example: