Opto22: New White Paper: Building Industrial IoT from Edge to Cloud

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See how next-generation edge-based distributed I/O and controllers open new possibilities for connected infrastructure.

In the field of industrial automation, terms like digital transformation, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), or edge computing have become common topics of discussion. Today’s businesses have IoT goals. End users need devices and applications to share data seamlessly across machines, sites, and the enterprise so they can optimize production and reduce costs. How do we achieve these goals?

Opto 22’s new white paper, Building Industrial IoT from Edge to Cloud, discusses how a more distributed global architecture is enabling connectivity from the field to the cloud for sensors and actuators, and for the input/output (I/O) systems and controllers linked to them.

IIoT from Edge to Cloud White Paper

Learn about:

  • The evolution of distributed I/O, with IIoT tools like MQTT with Sparkplug B, OPC UA, and Node-RED
  • New architectural possibilities available to industrial automation engineers using modern edge I/O and edge controllers
  • Removing boundaries between IT and OT domains to get the data you need to optimize operations