Opto22: New white paper explains Edge Programmable Industrial Controllers

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A new kind of industrial controller simplifies and secures automation and IIoT projects, while reducing cost and complexity.

White Paper: Meet the Future: Edge Programmable Industrial ControllersWe’ve recently published a new white paper that explains why and how Edge Programmable Industrial Controllers (EPICs) are the solution for today’s–and tomorrow’s–automation applications.

For today’s controls engineers, new demands to use and share data present three main challenges: security, complexity, and expense.

These IIoT or data-intensive automation applications typically require many steps and a lot of middleware: hardware, drivers, parsers, and custom software. Time-consuming to set up, difficult to maintain and change, they also open major security concerns.Read the white paper to learn how Edge Programmable Industrial Controllers (EPICs):

  • Eliminate middleware and reduce the steps needed to get data
  • Securely share data with software, equipment, control systems, building management systems, databases, cloud services and more
  • Provide several programming options in one unified platform
  • Simplify commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Solve IIoT challenges for OEMs and manufacturers


More about EPICs

Opto 22's groov EPIC systemYou can learn more about Opto 22’s own EPIC, the groov EPIC system, by reviewing these website resources:

Or contact our pre-sales engineering team today to discuss what problems an EPIC can solve for you.


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