Tek-Flux 1400B Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter-Low Cost, Flexible and Reliable Flow meter

One of the key advantages of the Tek-Flux 1400B Insertion-Style Electromagnetic meters is the ease of installation at a very attractive price. The insertion meters offer a convenient, low-cost answer for flow measurement for temporary or permanent installations.

The time and cost associated with installing an inline mag meters may not always be a practical or economic proposition for installation where shutdowns are unavoidable, and this can easily overcome using insertion type flow meters, which offers the same accuracies and other benefits offered by conventional full-bore meters.

The Tek-Trol Tek-Flux 1400B Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meters used to measure the flow rate of conductive liquids and functions according to the fundamental principle of Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction which describes the relationship between an electrical conductor and the voltage it generates when moving within a magnetic field.

There Tek-Flux 1400B comprises an electromagnetic sensing head mounted on the end of a support rod. The sensing head can install in existing pipelines without the need for any major modifications to pipe work as associated with full-bore meters. They can be installed without shutting down the process and unlike the inline magnetic meters, they can be removed easily for periodic calibration or inspection. The Tek-Flux 1400B is available with integral or remote display options and with special blowout preventers for hot-tap installation where additional safety is required when installing in online conditions.

Applications for the Tek-Flux 1400B include Municipal Water, Water Distribution, Pumping Stations, Filter Balancing and Backwash, Reclaim Water, Treated Water, Irrigation Water, Cooling Water, Raw Water, Chiller Water and many more. These Tek-Flux 1400B Insertion-Style Electromagnetic meters are being used on the Chilled water lines at a Steel Mill.

If your application demands installing a flowmeter at a fraction of the cost of the inline meter without disrupting the process, the Tek-Flux 1400B Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meters would be your meter of choice.

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