Tek-Sub 4800 Series Submersible Level Transmitters Features

Tek-Sub 4800 Submersible Level Transmitters are designed to measure the liquid and slurries Level, along with monitoring the level of fluids. These devices have high precise piezoresistive sensor, stainless steel body, and waterproof cable, which makes them suitable for long term ideal service. Easy to install, clean, and almost no maintenance.
  • Tek-Sub 4800A uses a high-quality ceramic pressure sensor packaged with PTFE housing that gives corrosion resistance in fluids.
  • Tek-Sub 4800B is designed to measure the liquid and slurries Level, including a high precise piezoresistive sensor that offers accurate and reliable level measurement in numerous applications.
  • Tek-Sub 4800C Borehole is 19 mm diameter, perfect for narrow conduit installation. The piezoresistive sensor is placed in a slim outer body that fits into boreholes, wells, and slender pipes.
  • Tek-Sub 4800D has clog-free silicon piezoresistive sensor regulating liquid level without being affected by debris, manufactured for precise real-time level measurement with several standard outputs.

  • Temperature-compensated.
  • Completely sealed, stainless steel.
  • Highly durable with low maintenance.
  • Factory calibrated with easy installation.
  • Measuring Pressure range:Tek-SUB 4800A: 3 psig to 15 psig (2 mH2O to 10.5 mH2O).Tek-SUB 4800B and Tek-SUB 4800D: 5 psi to 20 psi (3.5 mH2O to 14 mH2O), Optional ranges available.Tek-SUB 4800C: 10 psi to 50 psi (7 mH2O to 35 mH2O), Optional ranges available


  • Tek-SUB 4800B: ±0.25% FS
  • Tek-SUB 4800A, Tek-SUB 4800C & Tek-SUB 4800D: ±0.5% FS.