Tek-Trol: Pulp and Paper Production!

Tek-Trol 1400A Electromagnetic Flow Meters used to measure starch water at a Paper Plant in upstate New York.

In paper production, it is crucial to measure various additives to ensure product quality. In a Paper Mill, liquid additives: such as powdered products diluted in water, dyes, bleaches, and liquids with low conductivity and / or high viscosity are used in various processes.

The Tek-Trol 1400A series of Magnetic Flow Meters offer an economical choice in measuring Starch Water for you in a Paper Mill.

Starch additives are used in recycled papers to increase the strength of the cardboard. The starch arrives at the mill in powder form with various particle sizes along with moisture content. This start is then stored in silos. Using a variable speed Auger, the starch is then mixed with water in a small tank and then pumped into the piping system for transportation to the cooking system. During this process, it is mandatory to maintain the correct water to starch balance as its a critical function within this process.