Temperature Extremes? Vibration? Salt & Humidity?

Temperature Extremes? Vibration? Salt & Humidity?

Avtron Encoders is uniquely positioned to serve Crane & Hoist applications with deep industry experience.  We know what makes encoders break and we engineer to overcome!

Whether it is wide-gap bearingless designs to overcome excessive runout or vibration or robust metal enclosures to protect against impact we design and manufacture our encoders to ensure your uptime.  We support long cable runs.  Our electronics are fully potted.  And our magnetic sensing technology is impervious to humidity, dust and other contaminants.


All Encoders Are Not the Same
Please take a closer look at what we have to offer.

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  • Replaces Competitive Models without Rewiring
  • Wide-Gap Technology: up to 8X larger gap between sensor and rotor
  • P65/Nema 4, 13 Rating: Dust and Liquid Tight
  • Superior Bearings and Seals
  • -20° C to + 100° C Operation

  • Magnetic Durability
  • Replaces Competitive Models without Rewiring
  • No Solder industrial EPIC Connector Available
  • Fits end of shaft and through shaft applications
  • High Power Outputs Available

  • Magnetic Durability, Worldwide Compatibility
  • Cast aluminum heavy duty housing
  • 3–5X heavier duty bearings
  • All electronics fully encapsulated
  • Mechanical Overspeed Switch Option
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